Blissful Marine understands one critical element of a high performance organization lies in the quality of its people. Blissful Marine is committed to assisting our clients’ address the development needs of their business or operations through the developmental solutions and interventions we provide. Our customized developmental interventions are grounded in our deep understanding of what works in organizations. Our consultants are experts with deep knowledge and highly specialized skills that have successfully advanced our clients’ human capital and operational developmental challenges in the industry around the world. All of our development consultants are either subject matter experts or senior practitioners in the industry. When you choose to engage Blissful Marine, you have the privilege to have a one-stop developmental intervention that covers the whole array of intervention options for the individual and the organization. We provide the design, the solution intervention and the technology that supports and deliver the solution for our clients regardless of any location in the world. On a micro level, the developmental interventions that we propose for our industry clients can be tailored to address a specific level of the technological stack in the learning eco-system. Or, on the macro level, we can also assist our clients to define their strategic business or operational pathway tied to a business measurement.